Seller Buydown

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Seller Buydown - Learn How To Implement & Market Seller Buydown

You're invited to attend a live two-hour workshop where you'll learn actionable strategies, scripts, and more directly from Scott Nicholson's Seller Buydown playbook.

Scott Nicholson has been helping buyers, sellers, agents, and banks win in high-rate environments for over 17 years. Purchasing a ticket will grant you access to both webinar dates, instant access to a 90-minute "Seller Buydown 101" webinar recording, and a 30-day trial of Lender Launchpad.

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Hosted by
Scott Nicholson & Deborah Byrd
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Schedule & Speakers

Both webinars will cover the same information. You can attend either webinar – or both – with the purchase of a ticket.



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Scott Nicholson

Loan Originator at Cherry Creek

CEO of Lender Launchpad

Deborah Byrd

CEO of Plug and Play SM

Former Loan Originator & CMPS

What We'll Cover

Knowing about Seller Buydown and implementing Seller Buydown are two different things. We're here to help you implement.

1. Your Tech Stack

Why Mortgage Coach, Lender Launchpad, and using video are so important

2. Use Cases

Breaking down the top 12 use cases for Seller Buydowns

3. Setting Up Your TCAs

We'll break down how to setup and frame your Mortgage Coach TCA

4. Compliance & Capital Markets

Important notes on the necessary verbiage to execute a Seller Buydown.

5. Utilizing Lender Launchpad

How to add additional content and context to help convert leads

6. One to Many Marketing

Building a library of Seller Buydown content to educate the masses

7. Agent Meetings

Building & presenting Seller Buydowns in your next Agent Meeting

8. Agent & Consumer Scripts

Learn scripts that have lead to hundreds of Seller Buydown transactions

9. Buyers Presentations

We'll go over top Seller Buydown presentations for Buyers

10. Seller Presentations

We'll go over top Seller Buydown presentations for Sellers

11. Next Steps

How to identify who can benefit from Seller Buydown right now

12. Live Q & A

Have a question or need clarification? Just ask!

What You'll Receive

All ticket holders will receive a recording of Seller Buydown 101, access to Seller Buydown 201, a 30-day trial of Lender Launchpad for $1.00, and access to dozens of past workshops via Lender Launchpad.

Seller Buydown 101 Recording

Instant access to a recording of the 90-minute Seller Buydown 101 Workshop

Live Seller Buydown 201 Workshop

Live access to either one or both days of the Seller Buydown 201 Workshop

Lender Launchpad 30-Day Coupon

A coupon code for a 30-day trial of Lender Launchpad for only $1.00*

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View dozens of Past Workshops via your Lender Launchpad account

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